Zero Two - Bot


- Improvement: The card-create command can now used 10x/10min instead of 1x/5min

- New cards: Killua default, Yandere default, Mikasa default, Levi default, Lωna default

- Improvement: Bought cards will now sorted, that the last card is the best one

- Improvement: If you buy much cards, it will be a lot faster (before 300 needed ~ 10-20s, now only max 5s)

- Improvement: The dashboard is now no longer a part of the bot, it runs now in an other process -> if dashboard / bot crashes or restarts (by testing new features), the other can work normal

- Improvement: In the cards tab in the dashboard, will now displayed how much cards are available in each rarity

- Improvement: If you hover a card entry in the cards tab, it will highlighted green if this card exists, red if not

- Improvement: Brave Content Creator, the dashboard ( is now verified content creator by brave and can supported with bat's

- Improvement: The card creation tool has now the option to add a name to a card

- Bug Fix: The card creation tool will now don't crashes if the card has transparent effects