Zero Two - Bot


- Change: The lacards command names now card all

- Improvement: You can now specify the state of the cards by card all (default, rare, cosmic)

- Improvement: The /cards page is now using the new card system

- Improvement: You can now fight with other user for some credits, just use card fight <id> <user> (<win>)

- Improvement: The ranglist command will now show, you wich position you're and your score

- Improvement: Complete Help fr support (thx sinjou)

- Improvement: A lot of other fr translations

- Bug Fix: The text in the mobile version will now don't be bigger than the display, that could happend if the screen size was to small before

- Bug Fix: The top money command made an error and don't send the list

- New cards: 1 new in default, rare and cosmic (Kyouko)