Zero Two - Bot


- New command: listallcards - Will list all regular available cards from the bot

- New command: img-invert - Will invert an image that you send

- New command: img-black-white - Will remove the colours from an image that you send

- New command: create-card - Will let you create a card for the bot, that maybe get used

- Improvement: The card list command will now show a you don't have any cards message

- Smaller Improvements

- Improvement: The rp command can now used in non nsfw channels, if the content is no over18 content

- More translations

- Bug fixes

- Improvement: Cards that not were bought in the last 30 days will removed from the cardmarket

- New Feature: S commands to create server commands

- Change: Dashboard new wallpaper

- Improvement: The dashboard is now faster, the mobile version can switched directly without reloading

- Imrpovement: The dashboard wallpaper will now scaled