Zero Two - Bot


- Bug Fixes

- You can set now a profile description with the profile description command

- Profile will now send faster

- New Profile background available: Ijiranaide

- Profile Background Akeno Price Change from 350k -> 550k

- Card buy list changed so that the highest cards will shown first

- Aqua is now rare available, but the card is also animated

- Small Improvements

- More Missing Bot Permission Error

- A lot of Missing Bot Permissions are now in embeds and contain an intruduction on how to fix it

- The Versions in the versions tab on the dashboard will now be sorted so that the newest are the highest

- Patreon Site created to support the bot, you can visit it via (but currently you don't get any benefits for this is currently only a donation)

- The /servers tab in the dashboard shows now your servers (only alpha), if you click on a server you get the server page (only alpha) where you can currently see only the icon