Zero Two - Bot


- Bug Fixes

- Improvement: In the top comamnd will now the #1 place of daily also shown

- Improvement: The cardmarket is now again available, it was deactivated because there were a few bugs

- New commands: warn, warnings (with warn you can warn a user and with warnings you can see your warnings or from an other user)

- Improvement: Warnings will shown in the user command if some had made

- Improvement: In the User command will now no longer shows the Nick None if its not set

- Improvement: Season set/add works now with the admin perm too (to set it, you can have the season_set role **or** the admin perm)

- Improvement: In the shop are now also other multipliers than 2x available, if you bought one, the other don't get deleted, its the highest just run the first time and if its over, the multiplicators from before get activated

- Improvement: The help <command> command shows now the permissions for this command