Zero Two - Bot


- Bug Fixes

- Improvement: The create-ticket-message has now no limit of roles behind it more (used if you want to make that by a new ticket not only admins can see it, that you can allow it also to roles like support or sth else)

- Improvement: The dashboard has now the /tutorials tab, where you can find tutorials about some bot features

- New command: The tutorials command will now send the link to the tutorial page on the dashboard

- Improvement: More aliases for commands e.g. for cards -> card, balance -> money, commands -> help

- Improvement: After a cardupgrade, the cardlist will sorted

- Improvement: You don't need now to conform every card upgrade, if you use card ugrade <id> <times>, only one time it will requested

- New cards: Miku rare, Miku default, Eren default

- Improvement: If you buy more than 36cards, the cards will displayed in a list, if its lesser than 36, it will displayed normal

- Improvement: The card upgrade will now be more safe for bugs and faster, also will now send only one upgraded message, also will in the confirmation the price shown, in the finished message will be the stats before and after displayed.