Zero Two - Bot


- The dashboard mobile version is now better costumized to the phone, the text is now bigger and the buttons and co also

- Premium Users (currently is premium not available) get +25% vote rewards

- Premium Users have -25% cooldown (e.g. spin (instead of 5min only 3.45min), work)

- Premium command, shows if you are premium and how long you are

- The beta card system was rewrite

- Bugfixes

- Performence Improvements

- Ishtar card changed

- 5 new cards (Momonga, Albedo, Cocytus, Demiurge, Pandoras Actor)

- The tickets will now not always bgin by 1 if no other ticket channel named so, they will continued by the last top score, so the the ticket name will show the count of all tickets they are ever made

- Spelling corrections

- the dashboard has now a http site that will redirect you to https (more secure)

- the dasboard is now faster

- smaller changes

- More translations

- The vote message time is now fixed, sometimes, there was displayed a false time

- The news tab on the dashboard will now show the changes not in one line

- The news tab is now also compatible with the mobile version