Zero Two - Bot


- The play command does now completly working, last time it creashed the complete bot

- The queue is now completly working, you can now add songs to queue and co

- New are the remove command, that can remove a song from the queue

- Bug Fixes

- More translations

- Performence Improvements (Card buy <amount> is now a lot faster)

- The dashboard has now a wallpaper

- In the dashboard I can now change the update news, this is the pre step to make that the season can changed per dashboard, but this needs in anycase the intents

- Now are a loop and shuffle command available

- A volume command is now in the bot to manage the volume

- A now command is now available, it will show the current song

- 8 New Cards (Senku, Kohaku, Tsukasa, Gen, Ruri, Akeno, Ishtar, Darkness)

- The picture from the card akeno cosmic is now changed

- The EXP Multipliers will now show in the level message

- EXP Multipliers can now stacked

- Rang list command (will displayes the best users in different categories)