Zero Two - Bot


- I have bought a domain, will in a few times added to the server, that it can now run with the domain instead of the ip, then will a demo of the dashboard available until its ready

- Changed the dashboard layout, now will the active page will shown in lightblue if you hover it instead on only dark blue

- The server page in the dashboard need the intents thatswhy I must wait until the bot have them ... (~4w)

- Removed the old footer from the guild and user message

- Its now no longer important if you write flip <site> <amount> or flip <amount> <side>, both will now accepted

- You can now use in the flip command k for 1000, e.g. instead of 10000 you can now use 10k

- You can now also use k by the transfer (money category) command

- Bug Fixes

- Started development of a feature to block commands in a channel

- More translations

- The work commands will now show what would be right if you make it false

- The help command will now no longer show the invite command, you can find it now only in help all, but it works like before, just not visible in the normal help

- Remove channel and remove role commands are now also no longer in the normal help, now only in the help all