Zero Two - Bot


- Bug Fixes

- More translations

- The kick and ban message will now not only send to the kicked/banned user a message, now also there will be a message on the server

- Kick and Ban now only work by users with a lower role, add/remove role, and mute/unmute too

- You can now enter behind unmute a reason for the unmute, will only be displayed in the audit log as reason

- Performence Improvements

- Starting development of an dashboard

- In the dashboard are now the changes visible before the update is released (so now you don't must wait 2days to see the changes)

- In the dashboard are now the money and level visible if you're logged in

- Currently I can't make features that interact with the server of an user, because I must wait that the discord support gives the intents

- Kick, ban, mute and unmute had a bug that made that it doesn't worked, is now fixed