Zero Two - Bot


- rp command, this is the same like meme, only that it forces a pricture in the feed, can be used in nsfw channels

- the nsfw commands less hot girl trigger now tipying

- The vote command will now show a better expires in time (in hours if its up to one hour else in minutes)

- The vote reward will now also include exp instead only money

- The Serverlevel will now by defeault set to on, if you want to turn it off use the server-level command. Because the server level has no disadvantages the command is now not longer displayed in the help, but also work

- More translations

- 1 New Card from Beta in Regular cards (Setsuna)

- The vote rewards received message is now in an embed.

- If you are in vote cooldown the vote message will show this and also displays the time until you can vote again

- Create, delete channel commands

- Invite Commands, the same as if you click on invite in the info command

- The informations-help is now available in french (fr)

- The default help will now contain no longer all commands, because this would be to much, you can find all in the new help all command thats now available