Zero Two - Bot

Reaction Roles

Reaction Roles adds, remove a role to a user if he click on a reaction on a message.

Set up the default reaction role message

Write in the wished channel: "YOURPREFIX reaction-role EMOJI ROLE MESSAGE", here you need the replace the uppercase words with your parameters

The EMOJI is a discord emoji e.g. :tea:

The ROLE is the Role Mention e.g. @member

The MESSAGE is what you want

Then will a basic Reaction Role Message with one reaction appear

Add more reactions to such an message

After creating this message you will get an message with information

e.g. "To add a second or more reactions, that give roles pls use:

reaction-add <emote> <role> 1234567890"

Then you must run in a channel of your choice YOURPREFIX reaction-add EMOJI ROLE THE_NUMBER_AT_THE_END_OF_THE_MESSAGE

EMOJI and ROLE is the same at above

THE_NUMBER_AT_THE_END_OF_THE_MESSAGE is in this example 1234567890 (see message you receive)

If you use a emoji twice, the old will be deleted and only the new one will effect

You run this for all your reactions you want on this message

Full Customized Message

First you need to create an message (you can change it everytime)

e.g. "Hey, if you like the tea role reaction with :tea:"

Then you need to get the message id (You can use the developer options) (if you don't know how to get you will find a lot of tutorials on yt or other plattforms)

Next use "YOURPREFIX reaction-add EMOJI ROLE THE_NUMBER_AT_THE_END_OF_THE_MESSAGE", then will be added the reaction and its also an reaction role message

You can add also more than one reaction like above

The message can changed at everytime