Zero Two - Bot


New in Version 2.2.0 will currently be

- Bug Fixes

- Create-Channel Command supports now -nsfw parameter (this should be useful for ios users, because there is no option in the app to create nsfw channels)

- NSFW Help is only now in help all and in nsfw channels visible

- Giveaway Creator will now also receive a message when the giveaway ends

- Some Translations

- ID Command

- Random in Help renamed to Misc

- Command to search in the pycord (new, python3 and python2 wiki (see help development)

- 2 New Backgrounds for Profile

- Edit command to edit bot messages (like reactions role, say)

- Custom Commands rewrite

- Custom Command edit command

- Joinmessages/Leavemessages new Var: $membercount

**- Api update from pycord 1.6 to pycord 2+ (development)**

**Thatswhy there could be more bugs around the time, so please report if something doesnt work. Thx :)**