Zero Two - Bot

Zero Two

Zero Two is a Discord Bot with a lot of realy nice featues like

Weekly Updates

Every Saturday will a new Update published on our Community Server, you can also see always the current state in the News Tab. Also are all version logs available here.

A Great Cardsystem

A realy great card system where you can buy, sell, fight, upgrade, collect, trade cards. You can buy a card for 5000 Credits, you can sell it for a price matching to the tier level or trade it with other users directly or per cardmarket. If you want you can also make a fight with a friend with or without a win price. The cards can be found in the tiers 1-5 and with Stats from 1 to 100, you can upgrade the stats of a card with the card upgrade command to make it more powerful and beat some users in a card fight. Also you can try to collect all available cards ;) Currently you can have up to 1000 Cards in your inventar.

Music without Ads

You can play high quality music in your voice channel, add it to your playlist, shuffle it, skip, pause, conitnue, change the volume and much more. The bot will search the music directly on youtube, but it will play it without any ads. You can add unlimited songs to the playlist, repeat them and more.

Realy Nice Dashboard

Comming soon ...

Good Level System

You have a global and a server level. The global server independend on your current server, the server level counts only on your current server. You can also buy in the shop for credits xp multiplicators. If the Server have the bot rangsystem enabled, you can push your rang if you're active, that helps you to keep your server active.

A Balanced Economy System

description comming soon

Configurable Rangs

description comming soon

Reaction Roles

You can create custom reaction role messages, with a template or without, for this is in the tutorial tab a tutorial available. Reaction Role Messages are messages, where you can react with an emjo, and you will get a role or if you remove the reaction, the role will also removed, this can used e.g. to give you gender, age, country or ping roles, if you want sometimes only ping the people that are interested in a topic and not all.

Server Statistics

Currently in the Open Beta

Roleplay Features

description comming soon


You have a lot of powerful moderationtools in the bot like clearchat, mute, unmute, ban, kick, warn, create-channel, remove-channel and a lot more. This helps you to moderate your server.


description comming soon


The ticket system can open a new channel by clicking on the ticket message, where you can also configure who will be in this channel. This can help you that users can report issues and get private support, e.g. if a user want make a partnership with your server and this should not everybody in the chat read, he can create a ticket, where only you and the other staffs in, then you can write the topic private. A tutorial is also available in the tutorials tab.

Customizable Profiles

description comming soon

Cool Minigames

description comming soon

The Best Feed

You can use the reddit command to get posts from every subreddit. Or you can configure that the bot should send x times a feed from a subreddit in a channel at y a clock, and this for every subreddit, time (rounded on ten minutes) and how often you want sth from this. You can manage it all with the rfeed command, that allows you to remove, add and list this integrations.

And much more ...

And there are also much more not named feautes that will help you to improve, manage and costumize your server.